JHS Variables Finder

AF1v11. First, have you had a serious illness or injury that started or got worse in the last year?afu\1-data
AF1v22. Have you been the victim of a serious physical attack, mugging, sexual assault or other assault?afu\1-data
AF1v33. Have you been robbed or was your home burglarized?afu\1-data
AF1v44. Have you lost a loved one due to violence?afu\1-data
AF1v55. Has your house been shot at, or has there been gunfire in your neighborhood?afu\1-data
AF1v66. Has anyone close to you died?afu\1-data
AF1v77. Has a family member or close friend had a major illness or injury?afu\1-data
AF1v88. Have you moved to a worse residence or neighborhood?afu\1-data
AF1v99. Have you or anyone in your household lost a job?afu\1-data
AF1v1010. Have you retired from a job when you did not want to?afu\1-data
AF1v1111. Have you had a divorce or separation from your (husband/wife)?afu\1-data
AF1v1212. Were you raised up to age 16 by anyone other than your natural parents?afu\1-data
AF1v1818. When you were growing up, did your parents own or were buying their home, pay rent, or had some other living arrangement, such as living with relatives, etc.?afu\1-data
AF1v2121. That is all the questions I have. Do you have any other comments or questions?afu\1-data
AF1v2222. Date of data collectionafu\1-data
AF1v2323. Method of data collectionafu\1-data
AF1v2424. Code number of person completing this formafu\1-data
AF1v13a13a. Was that because one of your parents died, because they divorced or separated, or from some other reason?afu\1-data
AF1v13b13b. Specifyafu\1-data
AF1v14a14a. Did your father (or other important male caretaker) ever work for pay while you were growing up?afu\1-data
AF1v14b14b. When you were growing up, what was your father's (or other important male caretaker's) main job (the most important one)?afu\1-data
AF1v14c14c. What were his most important activities or duties? For example selling cars, hearing legal cases, keeping books or office work, teaching school, etc.afu\1-data
AF1v14d14d. What kind of business or industry was that?afu\1-data
AF1v15a15a. What is the highest degree or years of school your father (or important male caretaker) completed, including trade or vocational school or college?afu\1-data
AF1v15b15b. Did he complete a GED?afu\1-data
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