JHS Working Groups

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Jackson State University was recently awarded a five year contract to implement the Jackson Heart Study (JHS) Community Outreach Center (CORC).  The contract period is from 8/16/2013-8/15/2014 for a total amount of 3,086,081.  The CORC is an expansion of the highly successful operation of the Community Partnership Office (CPO), in the Jackson State University Coordinating Center, which operated from 1999-2013.  During the era of the CPO, relationships and partnerships were developed with over 100 churches, community based organizations, governmental agencies, private non-profit organizations, other institutions of higher learning and individual partners.  A community based participatory research (CBPR) component has been added under this new contract period.

Vanguard Centers

We are no longer accepting Vanguard Center Applications.

Jackson Heart Study Vanguard Centers

Vanguard Collaborative Centers offer an additional mechanism for sharing Jackson Heart Study (JHS) data to foster collaborations and increase scientific productivity. JHS Vanguard Centers will enhance the scientific productivity of the JHS by participating in and contributing to JHS collaborations in the development of manuscript and ancillary study proposals and manuscripts.


Benefits of JHS Vanguard Centers

a.       Vanguard Centers will receive a JHS Data Package from the JHS Coordinating Center, please see the JHS Vanguard Center Package Contents document for the latest package description.

b.      JHS Vanguard Centers with expertise and experience in analysis of genetic data and with approved access to JHS dbGap data may request  access to genetic data on JHS participants who have provided consent for such collaborations.

c.       The JHS Coordinating Center will assist in answering queries from the Vanguard Centers regarding the JHS data.


JHS Vanguard Center Eligibility Criteria

EacJHS Vanguard Center is expected to be affiliated with a biomedical/public health research institution. To apply to become a JHS Vanguard Centeran institution must fulfill the followingeligibility criteria:

a.       Have an investigator willing to serve aPI for the Vanguard Center  and assume responsibility for overseeing security of the JHS data received;

b.      Have a data curator to serve as the primary contact for receipt of JHS Vanguard Center data updates and manage JHS datasets for Vanguard Center Investigators.

c.       Have additional investigators at the same institution willing and able to collaborate on manuscript and ancillary study proposals and on manuscripts and ancillary studies of cardiovascular diseases among JHS participants.


Each JHS Vanguard Center is expected to:

a.      Provide its own internal administrative support.

b.      Participate in reviews of: 2 or more manuscript proposals; 2 or more ancillary  study

      proposals per year; and 2 or more penultimate manuscripts as requested by theJHS Publications and Presentations Subcommittee (PPS) and the Ancillary Studies Subcommittee (ANSS).

c.       Submit at least 2 manuscripts per year to the PPS initiateby the Vanguard Centerand involving JHS data.

d.      Submit a semi-annual progress report online on: (1) status of manuscript proposals,ancillary study proposals and active or penultimate manuscripts initiated by the Vanguard Center; and (2) lists of reviews completed for manuscript proposals, ancillary study proposals and penultimate manuscripts.

e.       Work with JHS to improve the JHS Vanguard Center program and experience for others.


Investigators interested in submitting aapplication for a JHS Vanguard Center for their institution should contact Dr. Arnita Norwood  (601-815-5783, jhsccrc@umc.edu) to request an application package.