1. Increase the pool of minority students entering the health related professions

  2. Establish two programs SLAM (Science, Language Arts and Mathematics) program during the summer for high school students

  3. And the JHS Scholars program for Tougaloo College students


The Science, Language Arts and Mathematics (SLAM) Workshops are conducted during the summer at Tougaloo College.   SLAM Workshop I is for 9th and 10th graders; SLAM Workshop II is for 10th and 11th graders; and SLAM Workshop III is for 11th graders.  10th and 11th graders are placed in either Workshop II or III based upon their academic background.  Each workshop is for 4 weeks.

The workshops are designed to highlight the interrelationship of communication and quantitative skills for the study of science.  The three workshops are sequential with each one building on the material from the previous workshop.  However, a student can take any one of the workshops by itself.  The workshops provide information about career opportunities in the health sciences and the Jackson Heart Study


 There is no fee for attending the workshops. However, there is $25.00 Non-refundable deposit to secure your space.

  • Upon successful completion of the workshop each participant will receive a stipend.
  • All workshop sessions include classes in Science, Language Arts, and Mathematics.
  • Classes are taught by experienced teachers from Tougaloo College and Jackson area high schools.
  • Classes are held Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 4:30PM.
  • Lunch will not be provided.
  • Complete the application on page four. (THE APPLICATION MUST BE TYPED.)
  • A one page essay which addresses the following:
    why you want to participate in this program, what are your career goals,
    what extracurricular activities you are involved in and -why you should be selected?
  • This essay should be typed on a separate sheet of paper.
  • Eleventh and tenth graders must submit an official High School Transcript.
  • Ninth graders must submit the most recent report card.
  • Have recommendations sent to the JHS-UTEC by two teachers. One recommendation must be from a math and/or science teacher.
  • Overall grade point average
  • Courses taken or soon to be taken
  • Standardized test scores
  • Recommendation letters
  • Essay quality
  • .

    Students invited to return to SLAM II or SLAM III do not need to re-apply.


    Selection Criteria for New Students


    Overall Grade Point Average

    Courses taken or soon to be taken

    Standardized test scores

    Recommendation letters

    Essay quality


    Structure of the workshops:

    • No fee for attending.
    • Upon completion you receive a stipend.
    • Workshops include classes in Science, Language Arts, Mathematics.
    • Taught by experienced teachers -Tougaloo College and Jackson high schools.
    • Classes held Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm
    • Lunch Will not be provided.
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    Scholars Program


    • Learn about career opportunities in Public Health and other health related professions.
    • Work under the mentorship of professionals.

    Earn a stipend:

    Freshmen and Sophomores will receive a maximum of $350 per month during the academic year. 
    The post-freshmen will receive a maximum of $3150 during the summer. 
    Post-sophomores and post-juniors will receive a maximum of $4500 during the summers.
    Juniors and seniors will receive a maximum of $500 per month during the academic year.




    • Students must be current freshmen at Tougaloo College
    • GPA of 3.0 overall
    • Students may major in any field of their choice
    • Must have an interest in pursuing a health career or related field and/or biomedical research
    • Must take all JHSUTEC sponsored courses: Introduction to Public Health and Epidemiology (Fall-Sophomore year), Biostatistics (Spring-Sophomore year), Research Methods in Public Health and Epidemiology (Fall-Junior year), and Ethics Medicine and Technology (Spring-Junior year or Spring-Senior year). Must maintain a GPA of 3.0 every semester.
    • Mentor high school students in the SLAM workshops and other UTEC sponsored activities for 10 weeks during the summer following the freshmen year.
    • Participate in research practicum for 8-10 weeks for the summers following the sophomore and junior years.
    • Attend seminars and other activities designated by the JHSUTEC.  


    Requirements to Continue in the Program

     Requirements to Continue in the Program (updated: December 15, 2015)

    All students who desire to continue in the JHS Scholars program will be evaluated in the following three areas: PERFORMANCE, ATTITUDE and BEHAVIOR. Failure to meet one or more of the criteria will constitute grounds for termination from the program. CLICK REQUIREMENTS LINK for details.


    Scholars Highlights and Activities -Updated: December 15, 2017

    Current Scholars:   List of Current Scholars 

    Research Spring & Fall Placement:   
     Fall 2017 Placement2017 Spring Placement, Fall 2016 Placement, Spring 2016 Placement,  Fall 2015 Placement , 2015 Spring Placement2014 Fall Placement2014 Spring Placement,  2013 Fall Placement2013 Spring Placement,   2012 Fall & Spring Placement,  2011 Fall Placement,   2011 Spring Placement,  2010 Fall Placement,   2010 Spring Placement,   2009 Fall Placement,   2008 Fall Placement  

    Research & Summer Placement:
    2017 Summer Placement,  2016 Summer Placement,  2015 Summer Placement2014 Summer Placement2013 Summer Placement2012 Summer Placement,  2011 Summer Placement,  2010 Summer Placement,  2009 Summer Placement,  2008 Summer Placement2007 Summer Placement  
    Presentations by Scholars: 
    2017, 2016,   20152014, 20132012,   2011,  2010,  2009,  2008
    ,  2007,  2006,  2005,  2004,  2003,  2002  

    Scholars Honors & Awards: 
    2017,  2016,  2015, 2014, 20132012,  2011,  20102009  

     Publications:  Publications by Scholars  

    JHS Scholars Who Have Completed the Program



    Twelve freshmen are selected every year and are designated as Jackson Heart Study Scholars.  The Scholars may major in any field of their choice

    2017 Scholars Application [Application DEADLINE: October 27, 2016]