Graduate Training and Education Center


The overall goal of GTEC is to continue training and education in cardiovascular epidemiology through the Daniel Hale Williams Scholars Program and related biomedical research, targeting underrepresented post-graduate students and leveraging the resources and research opportunities of the JHS.

The four objectives of the GTEC are to:


1) strengthen the base of participating students’ knowledge of science and mathematics;

2) provide innovative programs, research opportunities, and mentorship to stimulate and nurture  

    students’ interest in science and research;

3) produce publications and informational articles on educational topics for broader audiences;


4) encourage students to pursue further training for future biomedical careers.

Visit the Jackson Heart Study Graduate Training and Education Center website


Jackson State University was recently awarded a five year contract to implement the Jackson Heart Study (JHS) Community Outreach Center (CORC).  The contract period is from 8/16/2013-8/15/2014 for a total amount of 3,086,081.  The CORC is an expansion of the highly successful operation of the Community Partnership Office (CPO), in the Jackson State University Coordinating Center, which operated from 1999-2013.  During the era of the CPO, relationships and partnerships were developed with over 100 churches, community based organizations, governmental agencies, private non-profit organizations, other institutions of higher learning and individual partners.  A community based participatory research (CBPR) component has been added under this new contract period.