CEC | Ways to Participate

The Community Engagement Center (CEC) is leading the way with a focus on putting Jackson Heart Study results to work in the communities that can benefit the most. Our holistic approach involves participation by community members, leadership and the next generation of health professionals to reduce health disparities and change the future of heart health in Mississippi and beyond.
Step Up and Get Involved

The Community Health Advisors Network (CHAN)
                       Community Engagement Center (CEC) guides and supports trained community health advocates (CHA) to lead and participate in programs that promote healthy lifestyles, build community trust, raise risk factor awareness, link to broader resources and work toward sustainable health improvement for individuals and the communities.                 



                    Undergraduate, graduate and research training at Jackson State University, Tougaloo College, University of Mississippi Medical Center and Jackson Medical Mall boosts the pool of minority students in health-related professions and prepares them for future careers.        


Community Partner Consortium
                     Key stakeholders, partners and community members and leaders guide, support and enhance CEC’s work for optimal reach and effect.                 


Mayoral Health Councils
                     Active Mayoral Health Councils in the tri-county area need community and professional partners to advance access to healthy foods, physical activity and smoke-free air.                 


Community Research Fellows Training Program (CRFT)
                       Community members learn about the research process and its benefits, and how to best use its findings for positive action and community improvement.                 


Community Events

Events reach a broad audience and bring a high-profile focus on heart health, risk factors and ways to prevent and delay cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases that disproportionately affect African Americans and other minority ethnic groups.

See our calendar for ongoing events and activities.




The Community Engagement Center (CEC) actively draws upon Jackson Heart Study (JHS) research findings and builds awareness of health risks and healthy choices to improve lives. Through events, a speakers bureau, training sessions and digital materials, CEC provides community members and leaders with helpful information and useful resources they can put to work in their community.  Learn More


Groundwork & Direction

At the Jackson Heart Study Community Engagement Center (CEC), Victor D. Sutton, Ph.D., leads a team committed to putting research into action in the community and scoring better health outcomes for Mississippi and beyond.   Learn More



The Community Engagement Center’s (CEC’s) uses a proven record of success to meet people where they are, turning traditional gathering places into health information hubs.  Learn More