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 The Community Engagement Center (CEC) actively draws upon Jackson Heart Study (JHS) research findings and builds awareness of health risks and healthy choices to improve lives. Through events, a speakers bureau, training sessions and digital materials, CEC provides community members and leaders with helpful information and useful resources they can put to work in their community. 

Take Advantage of Helpful Resources

COVID-19 Vaccination Event

Thank you for your interest in hosting a COVID-19 vaccination event in your community.

Please click link to request support - COVID-19 Community Vaccination Event - Request Form.

For more information, contact the Office of Preventive Health and Health Equity at 601-206-1720.

Training     Annual county health promotion programs and Heart Month events provide high-profile platforms to share vital information on risk factors and cardiovascular disease prevention, delay and management. 



Training and Technical Assistance
Training   CEC provides opportunities for community members to train as community health advocates who, once certified, can address basic healthcare needs through education, partnering and outreach. 

Additional Training Opportunities:
With Every Heartbeat is Life:  A Community Health Worker’s Manual for African Americans
Working Together for a Healthy City Mayoral Health Council Toolkit
Chronic Disease Self-Management Program
Diabetes Self-Management Program
A Matter of Balance Falls Self-Management Program 

Speakers Bureau

Training   Selected speakers can present on Jackson Heart Study activities at local, regional and national levels. 

Groundwork & Direction

At the Jackson Heart Study Community Engagement Center (CEC), Victor D. Sutton, Ph.D., leads a team committed to putting research into action in the community and scoring better health outcomes for Mississippi and beyond. Learn More



The Community Engagement Center’s (CEC’s) innovative programs use a proven record of success to meet people where they are, turning traditional gathering places into health information hubs..  Learn More


Ways to Participate

The Community Engagement Center (CEC) is leading the way with a focus on putting Jackson Heart Study results to work in the communities that can benefit the most. Learn More