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The Community Engagement Center’s (CEC’s) innovative programs use a proven record of success to meet people where they are, turning traditional gathering places into health information hubs. With Mississippi State Department of Health training and CEC guidance and support, Community Health Advocates (CHA) take vital health information and education into the communities that need it most.

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Barbers Reaching Out to Help Educate on Routine Screenings (BROTHERS)
                                                       BROTHERS is a heart disease education and screening program, conducted by barbers in their places of business, that helps reduce high blood pressure risk factors among African American males, as well as identify those at risk for hypertension.                 


Congregational Health Initiative
                                    Health education efforts within churches support their role as a community resource to promote health, prevent chronic disease, plan health activities and share information on disease self-management.                 


Health Ambassador Program
                                           In partnership with Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, CEC collaborates with local members to help reduce African American health disparities, especially among young men. Youth, sororities and the general public are also invited to participate in activities that increase community awareness, positively influence disease management and engage future community leaders.                 


Mayoral Health Councils
                                       Partnerships with mayors in the tri-county area advance access to healthy foods, physical activity and smoke-free air.                 


Healthy Housing Initiative
Blood pressure screenings and information empower housing residents to self-manage their health and reduce heart disease risk factors.           


Health Promotion
                       An annual community outreach event in each county puts a high profile on heart health with education, materials and more.                 


Ways to Participate

The Community Engagement Center (CEC) is leading the way with a focus on putting Jackson Heart Study results to work in the communities that can benefit the most. Learn More



The Community Engagement Center (CEC) actively draws upon Jackson Heart Study (JHS) research findings and builds awareness of health risks and healthy choices to improve lives. Through events, a speakers bureau, training sessions and digital materials, CEC provides community members and leaders with helpful information and useful resources they can put to work in their community.  Learn More


Groundwork & Direction

At the Jackson Heart Study Community Engagement Center (CEC), Victor D. Sutton, Ph.D., leads a team committed to putting research into action in the community and scoring better health outcomes for Mississippi and beyond.  Learn More