CEC | Groundwork and Direction

At the Jackson Heart Study Community Engagement Center (CEC), Victor D. Sutton, Ph.D., leads a team committed to putting research into action in the community and scoring better health outcomes for Mississippi and beyond. CEC’s evidence-based programs, key connections and broad outreach target communities at every level to spread vital health information and research, form networks of support and develop models for changing the future of African American health.

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Grounded in Community
                              This groundwork is guided by community partners and stakeholders whose assistance to CEC leadership continues through these official entities:

·         Community Partnership Consortium

·         CEC Community Advisory Board

·         CEC Program Advisory Board

·         CEC Community Partnership Core

·         CEC Research and Training Core

·         CEC Dissemination Core

·         CEC Tracking and Evaluation Core



Planning and Progress
                     Working closely with JHS leadership and participating institutions, the CEC team has defined an effective strategy, built dynamic infrastructure and defined innovative ways to meaningfully put the landmark JHS research into action for the population it can impact the most — the Jackson, Mississippi, metropolitan area. CEC’s Community Engagement Strategy and Communications Plan details how CEC and its partners will rise to that challenge, plus track and evaluate progress as a resource for other communities on the journey to better health.                


Actively Engaging
                     Staff and partners have been trained and innovative programs have begun. In traditional gathering places such as barbershops, churches and fraternities, trusted members of the community are now informed advocates, actively and routinely engaging their followers and providing critical awareness. Other programs reach out to more isolated populations with screenings and information, and annual public events draw attention to heart health with education, materials and activities.                 


Getting the Word Out
                     Whereas for the past twenty years, outreach efforts of the Jackson Heart Study have been focused on the 5,300 men and women enrolled in the Study itself, the Community Engagement Center is charged with building awareness and support for CEC programs throughout the Jackson, Mississippi metropolitan area, as well as reporting the progress of programs and outreach efforts.                 



The Community Engagement Center’s (CEC’s) innovative programs use a proven record of success to meet people where they are, turning traditional gathering places into health information hubs. Learn More


Ways to Participate

The Community Engagement Center (CEC) is leading the way with a focus on putting Jackson Heart Study results to work in the communities that can benefit the most. Learn More



The Community Engagement Center (CEC) actively draws upon Jackson Heart Study (JHS) research findings and builds awareness of health risks and healthy choices to improve lives. Through events, a speakers bureau, training sessions and digital materials, CEC provides community members and leaders with helpful information and useful resources they can put to work. Learn More