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As the landmark Jackson Heart Study reaches its 20th year researching African American heart health, the new Community Engagement Center (CEC) takes the next step—putting that data into action in Mississippi, where heart disease kills about 20 percent more African Americans than others each year. CEC, an arm of the Mississippi State Department of Health, is committed to changing a history of health disparity into a future of better outcomes and stronger overall health.


Heart Health Starts Here

CEC’s team engages metro Jackson communities at every level — individual, institutional and leadership — through health promotion programs, key partnerships and a network of community health advocates to develop new approaches to improve heart health. 

By tracking program success, CEC finds optimal ways to reach and impact under served populations and build a sustainable model to lower the risk of heart disease in Mississippi and beyond. 

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Groundwork & Direction

At the Jackson Heart Study Community Engagement Center (CEC), Victor D. Sutton, Ph.D., leads a team committed to putting research into action in the community and scoring better health outcomes for Mississippi and beyond.   Learn More



The Community Engagement Center’s (CEC’s) innovative programs use a proven record of success to meet people where they are, turning traditional gathering places into health information hubs.  Learn More


Ways to Participate

The Community Engagement Center (CEC) is leading the way with a focus on putting Jackson Heart Study results to work in the communities that can benefit the most.. Learn More