The Tougaloo College Jackson Heart Study UTEC contract has been renewed for five years starting August 13, 2018. The total budget for the 5 year contract is $5,940,693 which includes both direct and indirect costs.

Goals and Objectives


The overall goal of the UTEC is to increase the pool of minority students entering the health related professions. In order to achieve this goal the UTEC has established two programs - the JHS Scholars program for Tougaloo College students and the SLAM (Science, Language Arts and Mathematics) program during the summer for high school students. The JHS Scholars program includes both an academic year course work and research experience and a summer mentored research internship program.  The SLAM program has three levels-SLAM I for 9th graders, SLAM II for 10 graders and SLAM III for 12th graders.  Each of the program is four weeks long and emphasizes the integrated nature of studying science along with attention to reading and study skills.  


Activities/Programs Supported


The new contract will continue to support the JHS Scholars Program, which includes support for 48 students (12 Seniors, 12 Juniors, 12 Sophomores, and 12 Freshmen), plus the four JHSUTEC sponsored courses: Introduction to Public Health and Epidemiology; Biostatistics; Research Methods in Public Health and Epidemiology; and Ethics, Medicine and Technology.  The contract will also support the high school SLAM I, II and III programs during the summer.



Contract HHSN268201800014I from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities.