Goals and Objectives:
The overall goal of the CEC is to reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease and achieve heart health throughout Jackson and beyond, by implementing innovative evidence-based programs. To achieve this goal, the objectives of the CEC are to:
 Provide a strategy and infrastructure for delivering timely, evidence-based health information in general and heart disease risk reduction information in particular—especially findings from JHS and other CVD related research.
 Conduct evidence-based health education programming throughout the JHS area that serves to address heart disease risk factor reduction in African Americans.
 Establish strategic local, state, and national partnerships that broaden the reach of the JHS.
 Perform community-based pilot research studies or demonstration projects for CVD risk reduction that, if successful, can be scalable to larger efforts.
 Publish results and impact of CEC’s work.

Activities/Programs Supported:

The contract will support the implementation of policy, systems, and environmental change initiatives at community and municipal levels designed to reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease by improving access to healthy  foods, physical activity, and smoke-free air. Mayoral Health Councils will be established to adopt policies which support healthy behaviors. The CEC will partner with churches and barbershops to conduct cardiovascular risk-reduction screening, linkage to healthcare providers for disease management and treatment, and provide health education. Community members will have access to a network of trained Community Health Advisors to provide ongoing health education and navigation of local healthcare system. Consistent messaging on heart health supported and guided by a Community Partnership Consortium, will be delivered throughout Jackson and beyond. 
Contract  HHSN268201800015I  from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities.

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