Graduate Training and Education Center

 The Jackson Heart Study Graduate Training and Education Center (JHS GTEC) at Jackson State University is a new Center awarded for five years, effective August 16, 2013.  It is designed to contribute to building evidence-based approaches to training graduate students in the social, behavioral, and medical sciences to implement a robust education training program.

 Goal and Objectives

 The overall goals of the GTEC are to: (1) enrich the educational experiences and skills of African American graduate students to prepare them for future careers in academics, industry, and government research settings; (2) enhance the professional skills of graduate students to increase the likelihood of success and completion of graduate school; and (3) increase the interest in, and likelihood of, African American graduate students entering careers in biomedical sciences following degree and program completion.

  The five objectives of the GTEC are to:

 1.  Establish a graduate level certificate program focused on cardiovascular epidemiology research.

 2.  Establish JHS data mentoring teams to oversee efforts by undergraduate and graduate students to analyze, present, and publish their research from JHS data.

 3.  Work closely with the other JHS centers to: (1) assure coordination of both the JHS graduate and undergraduate training and education programs, and (2) support the JHS in achieving its five major aims.

 4.  Work with the JHS Coordinating Center to develop and maintain a student database with  evaluation metrics for student performance.

 5.  Disseminate the achievements of the JHS through presentations, publications in peer-  reviewed journals, and reports to the JHS Coordinating Center, OSMB, and NHLBI.