Jackson State University (JSU) Graduate Training and Education Center (GTEC) Daniel Hale Williams Scholars (DHWS) Program was the first graduate training and education center attached to a major National Institute of Health funded cohort study, the Jackson Heart Study (JHS).  The DHWS Program which began in 2014 incorporates rigorous academic and career-focused training for graduate students.  The program promotes public health and biomedical science education and provides enrichment opportunities to equip GTEC scholars with the capacity to contribute to the prevention of CVD disease and disability.  The GTEC DHWS Program is housed in the School of Public Health, the first and only school of public health in the State of Mississippi at Jackson State University.


Graduate Training and Education Center

The overall goal of GTEC is to continue training and education in cardiovascular epidemiology through the Daniel Hale Williams Scholars Program and related biomedical research, targeting underrepresented post-graduate students and leveraging the resources and research opportunities of the JHS.

The four objectives of the GTEC are to:


1) strengthen the base of participating students’ knowledge of science and mathematics;

2) provide innovative programs, research opportunities, and mentorship to stimulate and nurture  

    students’ interest in science and research;

3) produce publications and informational articles on educational topics for broader audiences;


4) encourage students to pursue further training for future biomedical careers.




The JHS DHWSP is sponsored by the NIH National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI – HHSN268201800013I), and National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities through Jackson State University.