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The JHS Quality Control Subcommittee is responsible for: 
1) In conjunction with the Clinic Operations and Events Monitoring Subcommittees and the Coordinating Center, developing methods to assess accuracy and reliability of examination methods, lab measurements, annual follow-up data collection, medical records abstraction and review and classification of cardiovascular events, and to control variability, including collection of quality control data.
2) Evaluating quality control data, reporting to the Steering Committee on a regular basis, alerting the Steering Committee when reliability or variability are unacceptable, and recommending and overseeing further investigation and corrective action, as appropriate.


Meeting Schedule

Meetings scheduled quarterly and as needed.



Nancy Min*
Adolfo Correa*
Daniel Molina
Peggy Doyle
Pramod Anugu
Gregory Wilson
Laura Raffield
Sharina Person





Loretta Cain
Mario Sims
Karen Winters
Clifford Jack
Tiffany Owens
Edith Ezekwe
Lynette Ekunwe



Pam Moore