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In collaboration with the Field Center, Coordinating Center, and Reading Center key personnel, the JHS Imaging Subcommittee is responsible for reviewing regular reports on:
1) The status of acquisition and reading/information extraction of images (echocardiograms and brain MRI scans) and propose to the Steering Committee any needed modifications to protocol and written standard operating procedures for acquiring images from participants.
2) Clinical alerts and referrals of clinically significance results and provide advice on reporting results to participants.

 Membership shall include specialists with expertise on topics relevant to the imaging studies being performed in Exam 4. The Imaging Subcommittee may be subdivided into separate Echocardiography and Brain MRI Subcommittees.


Meeting Schedule

Meeting scheduled quarterly and as needed. 

Mario Sims (CC &FC) *
Clinic Manager*
Yuan-I(Nancy) Min (CC & FC)
Pramod Anugu (CC & FC)


Echo Subcommittee
Amil Shah (BWH) *
Keri Mohan (BWH)
Aria Rad (BWH)
Narayana Prasad (BWH)

Brain MRI Subcommittee
Clifford Jack (Mayo) *
Denise Reyes (Mayo)
Kaely Thostenson (Mayo)
Anthony Spychalla (Mayo)
Thomas Mosley (FC)
Candace Howard-Claudio (FC)



Lynette Ekunwe
Takila Keys

NHLBI Representative
Sharon Smith