James Wilson*
Adolfo Correa
Errol Crook
Cashell Jaquish
Anniece McLemore
Joseph Maher
Yuan-I (Nancy) Min
Solomon Musani
Ebony Madden
Peter Durda


NHLBI Representative

Cheryl Nelson


Lynette Ekunwe




The Jackson Heart Study (JHS) Genetics Subcommittee is responsible for:

  • Advising the Steering Committee on the overall direction of JHS Genetics Research;
  • Reviewing genetics ancillary study proposals at the request of the JHS Principal Investigator;
  • Evaluating proposed JHS analyses and data sharing to assess potential for harm to participants;
  • Providing advice on any plans to return individual genetic research results to participants; and
  • Providing advice as requested by the JHS Community Ethics Advisory Board.


Meeting scheduled quarterly.