Membership of the Retention and Follow-up Subcommittee shall include FC, CEC, and other JHS personnel to:
1. Review regular reports on the status of annual follow-up interviews and propose to the Steering Committee any needed modifications to follow-up protocols.
2. Review regular reports of clinic exam retention rates and propose ways to reach the cohort to maintain high rates.
3. Work collaboratively to produce publications to keep participants informed about the study and foster good will. 
a) The semi-annual JHS Newsletter.
b) The Jackson Heart Study Data Book: A Report to the Cohort and Community.
4. The CC will print these publications for distribution.
5. Involving TEC students in these publication projects is strongly encouraged. 


Meeting Schedule

Meetings scheduled monthly and as needed.



Erica Turner* 
Debra Wilson*
Crystal Butler-Williams
Belinda Johnson
Geni Eng
Lynnette Harper
Edith Ezekwe


Darcel Odom
Belinda Johnson
Karen Winters
Joyce Sartin
Dorothy Horton
Pam Moore



Pam Moore
Crystal Butler Williams